4 ways to get the cleanest clothes possible
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Even the best detergent can’t make up for bad laundry practices. Throw a red shirt in with your sheets and you’re now in the pink. Mix and match fabric types and you’ll end up with lint on your best blouse. Here are four rules to live by from the laundry pros at Consumer Reports plus some laundry pair picks from our washer and dryer tests.

Get sorted

Start by separating lights and darks, paying particular attention to red items, which are notorious bleeders. It’s also a good idea to sort items by fabric type. Keep towels, sweatshirts, and other items that shed lint away from sheets and other smooth fabrics that tend to pill. Close zippers; they can snag easily on other items. Wash jeans inside out to avoid streaky lines. If you have a high-efficiency (HE) top-loader that lacks a special cycle for waterproof and water-resistant items, avoid washing those items because they can cause loads to become unbalanced, leading to excessive shaking.

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Are green laundry detergents as good at cleaning?
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In Consumer Reports testing, laundry detergents that make green claims have not delivered the same cleaning power of top-rated brands like Tide or Persil—a newcomer from Europe that crushed it in our lastest laundry detergent report. One possible factor: green detergents may lack the enzymes and other chemicals that give many standard detergents their stain-fighting oomph. But some greens delivered decent results in our tests. Provided you follow best laundry practices—sorting properly, not overloading the washer, and using the right amount of detegent—you might be satisfied with the results. The following picks can be used in all types of washing machines.  

Legacy of Clean SA8. Part of the Amway family of brands, this ultra-concentrated liquid detergent is our highest-scoring green detergent. It was particularly tough on g…………… continues on ConsumerReports.org

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