Defective laundry dryer sparks fire in Grand Island
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A national TV crew is in Buffalo this week to film three businesses for an episode of a show spotlighting entrepreneurship.“Start Up,” w…

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Washing machines that save water and money
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Pam Heath has used her top-loading agitator washer for 20 years and says it still works fine but because of the drought, this Californian is thinking of replacing it. “I’ve cut back on shower time and have done everything I can do short of changing my washer,” she says. “Since the water shortage will probably get more severe I’m looking at washers that use little water but have longevity.” Here’s a look at just how much water different types of washers used in Consumer Reports’ tests.

Most agitator top-loaders we tested 18 years ago used over 40 gallons of water to wash an average size load. Since then, federal standards have gotten increasingly tougher, requiring washers to use less water and energy. Today, any washers scoring excellent in water efficiency in our tests used about 13 gallons or less to do our 8-pound load. A very good score means the washers used 13.5 to 17.5 gallons. Washers scoring poor in water efficiency used about 26 gallons or more. Our tests also found that despite using less water, cleaning remains just as good in many of the washers, but wash time is longer.


As a group these typically clean better than HE top-loaders and use less water and their high spin speed extracts more water so dryer time is cut. Most front-loaders can handle about 17 to 28-pound loads.<…………… continues on

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