Safe use of laundry detergent capsules
News from Times of Malta:

The Technical Regulations Division within the MCCAA brings to the attention of the public risks posed by laundry detergent capsules (or packets) which are present in growing numbers in households worldwide. These products might look attractive to children and can pose serious dangers if not handled and stored safely.

Laundry detergent liquid capsules/packets contain concentrated detergent for single use. The content, protected by a membrane, is released once it comes in contact with the moisture during washing.

Yet, laundry detergent liquid capsules/packets are small, tactile and often colourful, which attracts children, especially toddlers, who are tempted to put them in their mouth or play with them.

A laundry liquid capsule can burst in a child’s hand, especially when it is wet or moist. It can also rapidly dissolve with moisture and may burst in a child’s mouth in as little as 10 seconds, which can cause severe adverse health effects.

One must store these products high up in a room where they are out of children’s reach and sight. If stored in lower cabinets or cupboards, these should be secured with child-resistant locks. Additionally, the capsules/packets must be kept in their original container, fully closed between uses.

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